sometimes you should: practice patience


My grandmother slapped her card down on the table, and cheered with victory at her extra point. To my left a finger wagged in my face, my brother and her teammate, "you weren't patient enough!" I had felt secure with our four-point lead, but there it was slipping away. I cowered into myself, that wagging finger hit a switch. It had a point.

I don't think he really meant to teach me a life lesson, but I flipped it that way and decided to make an attempt to apply less haste in my daily life. I've been taking deep breaths and putting up stop lights when I want to leap forward, opening my mouth a little less and listening more.

 I've found that a lot of mistakes occur just because we act too quickly. But we're products of our surroundings, and it is easy to get caught up in the speed of things these days. At times, it feels like it's all about how much you can pound out in one day, but instead we should focus on a job well-done, not quickly done. It's always better to work on something, and then revisit it later with fresh perspective. Gather all of the details, don't hit send right away, and try not to want everything all at once. Accept that some things will take forever! It only means that you'll be able to look upon your actions and results with more pride.

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