sometimes you should: move consciously


For the most part, human beings are roamers. Each day, over 4.3 billion people ride the subway in NYC alone. We travel from place to place driven by, what I believe, to be the same force as life itself. We're always on the move - but, where are we going? Do we even know?

I love riding the subway with this question in mind, and trying to figure out who people are. So much of a human's identity is built into the movements that they make, from gesture, to travel, to experience. We are all in motion, living out a life that no one else has. Our movements make us unique.

It gets you to thinking about your own: the things you do, the places you go, and the people you interact with. Together, they all form you and your life. There are so many possible scenarios for that life, and it comes down to choice. Options may be tough to see, but the fact is that they are there. You can choose your movements consciously, and this realization gives a new-found inner strength to accomplish dreams and goals. 

As you question where other people are going, try to have a firm understanding of where your headed yourself. Move with care whether to figure out what you want, or whether to move towards what you already know you want. 

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