weekly scenes


Ladies and gentleman, it's fall! I'm addicted to the way that the light shines through the red of leaves, and I stand strong that there is no more beautiful time of year. All I yearn to do is walk around city streets from farmers market to flea. I've been getting my healthy dose of both - bringing home decor items and recipe ingredients in bounds. As a result, rearranging and concocting have filled up my indoor hours. It's a time of adventure, both at home and on the road. A little weekend trip up to NYC/Brooklyn put me in a great way, and I couldn't be sadder the for the weekend to end. Fall, never go away, ok? 

1. I couldn't not
2. Enjoying the beautiful weather on our lunch break
3. Desk space
4. Fresh picked flowers at the farmer's market
5. The beautiful Ariane
6. I fell in love
7. Salmon Benedict at Cafe Lafayette - eat it.

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