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I'm back at at. Home from vacation and fresh with perspective. Getting away from it all helped me to pinpoint some priorities. I decided that I'm going to concentrate on health, patience  and realizing creative ideas to improve in areas where I feel like I was coming short. The rhythm has felt good as I go from one thing to another. The balance of working hard, exercising, and focusing on creative endeavors has been very sane. I'm happy with the things that I've been able to accomplish, and I'm glad to see myself able to focus in the right areas. It's also been great to get back to my friends. I have so much fun when I'm with them. Between friends and my boyfriend, I'm one happy girl.

1. I finally made it to Cook! 
2. Garance Dore signing at The Sartorialist book signing event
3. Yin and Yang
4. An artist I spotted sketching in the street
5. Backpacks & cowboy boots
6. My signed copy of Scott Schuman's new book

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