bourgeois boheme


When I was in Paris, I learned a new phrase, "Bobo," short for, "Bourgeois Boheme." In other words, wealthy (bourgeois) people who look and act like the lower (boheme) class. Some people might look at it as a negative label, but I don't. There is nothing wrong with someone who has money not wanting to look or act like it. If they choose to forgo luxuries, follow a path of creative expression, and maybe something a bit more gritty, what's wrong with that? It's much less wasteful, much more romantic. And that's why I'm calling this one, "Bobo." To stick up for those that fight for a life of beauty and artistic pleasure without opulence. It's possible.


Starring the beautiful ladies Jana Kirn & Chelsi Zollner


  1. I love it, Bobo, sort of like a high end hippie :)
    Great photos by the way, love em and all of the clothes you're wearing!

  2. I love each photos. <333 Great blog too!

  3. Did you know you are perfect? Has anyone told you lately. Well you are! And I miss you dearly my nomadic soul mate! <3

    1. So, so far from perfect, but you, my lady, are an image of beauty inside and out. Let's catch up soon, please? I want to hear how the Asia plans are coming along. So jealous. xx